Brexit crisis tipped for British asparagus as EU seasonal workers stay away

For almost 100 years, Chris Chinn’s family has farmed asparagus in the rolling hills of the Wye Valley in western England.

This year, he fears uncertainty around Britain’s departure from the European Union will keep his eastern European workers away and the asparagus will stay in the ground.

Asparagus grown in Britain is feted by chefs as among the world’s best but the seasonal worker shortage threatens the country’s asparagus industry and the viability of Chinn’s Cobrey Farms business.

It is a predicament shared by many British fruit and vegetable farmers, almost totally reliant on seasonal migrant workers from EU member states Romania and Bulgaria taking short-term jobs that British workers do not want. At Chinn’s farm, which turns over more than 10 million pounds a year, the workers pick the premium asparagus spears that can grow up to 20 cm a day by hand. Sometimes they pick them twice a day before dispatching them to customers such as Marks and Spencer and Britain’s biggest supermarket, Tesco.

Britain’s asparagus season is short and early – traditionally running from April 23, known as Saint George’s Day, to Midsummer’s Day in mid-June. It will be the first big test of the 2019 seasonal labour crisis.

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How to Wear a Maxi Skirt

One of the most important pieces of clothing that a lady should own is a maxi skirt, coupled with the right handbag of course! At full length, they look fantastic, however, they are also one of the most versatile outfits out there. They can easily suit a wide range of occasions when one knows how to style them right. Both comfortable and chic, its style is something that can flatter anybody. This is why regardless of your height, a maxi skirt can easily suit you.

To wear it right all you really have to do is find the design that is right for you and have it paired the right pieces. Below are some tips on how to wear different kinds of maxi skirts.

Black vintage maxi skirts are best worn by those who are new to the piece of clothing. Stylish and versatile, they look great for different occasions and events. They’ll look fabulous as casual summer outfits but they work as evening ensembles too. Best paired with a black maxi are tops with high neck and long sleeves. A blazer and boots complete the look.

White maxi skirts are perfect for pulling off that whimsical and feminine look. Its crisp color makes it appear breezy and light, making it the ideal choice for those that want to don a laidback getup during the warmer months. Particularly ideal design in linen, crochet, or cotton. A white or light top is most ideal for this type of maxi skirt and paired with a pair of sandals, it can easily give off a beachy look. If you want to achieve that Western touch, a pair of boots works.

If what you’re looking for is a maxi skirt that will make your legs look longer, one with high waist would make for a perfect choice. See to it though that you balance the look with something minimal such as a bralette or a crop top. A standard style is good too. Just make sure that it is knotted or tucked.

Pleated maxi skirts tend to turn heads often due to their eye-catching design that matches your bag. They would make for the perfect choice when there are special occasions. Look more modern by going for a fluid fabric. If classic and sophisticated is what you are gunning for, go for a style with wide pleats along with thick material. See to it that you wear heels though so you won’t look too heavy on the bottom.

When wearing a maxi skirt, see to it that you choose one that reflects your style best. For instance, if Bohemian is what you are going for, a floral design would look best. If a pretty and polished appearance is your goal, one that is made from tulle would be perfect.

For shorter women, it is best to pair the skirt with heels to make the legs look elongated. A crop top would be quite flattering too. Also, when wearing maxis with bold colors or those with prints, it is always best to have it paired with the right vintage handbag.

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Sama Dubai Interview with Alibek Issaev

According to a recently sanctioned survey by the UAE based multilingual social network,, B2B interactions on Social Networking sites in the GCC are set to increase in 2013. An Increasing number of internet users are utilizing Social Media to interact with and reach out to brands. Timely responses encourage users to seek out their favorite brands and engage in a conversation. The survey was conducted by YouGov, a leading market research agency in the UAE.

Alibek Issaev, Founder & Owner, said, “B2B interactions on Social Networking sites have a different approach than B2C and can be utilized to generate awareness, build thought leadership and strengthen the brand. conducted the survey to understand the behavior of internet users in the GCC. As brands begin to explore the potential of their presence on Social Networking sites, the efforts to maintain a constant channel of communication are visible across the board. Communication is personalized, responses are immediate and content shared is tailor-made to suit their target audience.” Alibek added, “We are already witnessing the trend of businesses taking multilingual social networks such as more seriously to grow their business and the findings from the survey have reiterated the confidence. By connecting pages to the translation system, we are providing a very selective networking platform for businesses to interact with their niche target audience.”

The translation service by utilizes a self-learning system whereby it observes, understands and corrects dialects with time. Presently, the service is available to businesses in English, Arabic, and Russian and will soon be available to all registered users.

The study was based on a sample of 2,632 respondents from the GCC, 32% of which were locals and 68% expats. The respondents to the survey are professionals at mainly supervisory and medium to senior managerial levels, and work in various fields including: Education and Academia 11%, Banking and finance 9%, Government and Civil service 6%, Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations 5%, IT 5%, Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals 5%.

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